We are a premium smash burger restaurant in Panama City Florida. We  use the best ingredients and season everything to perfection! Making the perfect burger is our obsession and you will taste that in every bite. We have over 100 burger combinations to choose from so you will never run out of great food to challenge your desire for the best. All you can eat french fry buffet with every burger or meal order! You get your fries as an appetizer while you wait on your order. Our burgers are made fresh & by hand for each customer, no patties here.  We are not a fast food place nor would we want to be. Our food takes time to prepare correctly and perfectly. We take extreme pride in the food we prepare for you as well as we strive for excellent customer service. Choose from our menu or choose how you want your burger made, you are in control here!  You can expect a very juicy, a very messy and a very delicious burger. We will make sure to give you plenty of napkins to clean up! We also serve wings, dogs and many other items. 

We made it i to the top 5 in two restaurant categories for Best of Bay! Please take a moment to go vote for us Best of Bay and lets see if we can make it to the top!

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Jerry's Burger Company - Best of the Bay 2021 (



       Y'all!!! Jerry's Burger Company has us as repeat customers for life!!!

Got to meet Jerry and let my hubby try the Goofy Goober Burger. When I tell y'all he was happy (excuse the following language): He said "Oh my F'n God. This is the Best M**F'n burger I've ever had" followed by so many napkins.

He ate it so fast I wasn't able to get a bite to try. I also got our Jalapeno popper things to go because my Bacon Tater burger was so filling!!

He's so happy and full and I'm forever grateful for them making him so happy. Please go step out of your comfort zone and try it!!

~ Michelle Melton

   Amazing burger, with endless fries! Moderate priced but well worth every penny.

~ William B


   This was our second visit to Jerry's, and it was even better than the first time. The burgers are still, in my opinion, the best around. The fry bar was exceptional. They were constantly changing them out, keeping the fries hot and fresh. We decided to splurge for some fried Oreos and an orange float, both were great. And finally, the lady working the register and busing tables is awesome. It's rare to find somebody working that hard and doing it with a genuine smile the whole time. A+++ experience

~ Mike Bird

   This place is so original!! No disappointments. The staff was nice and patient since we couldn't decide with all the great choices. Love the concept to have endless fries of your choice. Hands down best burgers!!

~ Amber Brittany Daniels

    I am writing this review before I'm even finished with this amazing BIG TEX is a damn good burger, great service!!

~ John Castillo

Fantastic food and service! Even caught staff helping patrons who were differently abled at their table with a smile!! Great job!!

~ Jerri Bridges

It was SO good! There aren’t enough stars in the sky for the quality of food and service! We will be back very soon!

~ Amy Hayes

1302 Harrison Ave., Panama City Florida 32401


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