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    We serve 5 different types of Fries. Crinkle, Steak, Dipping, Sweet potato & Waffle.. You can choose any fries to ad to your meal and any seasoning shown below or combine any of the seasonings. It is your fries, eat them how you want to! If you dine in, its all you can eat fries.

 without a meal $3.59 AS A STAND ALONE PURCHASE.

Fries may vary depending on availability.

~ Fried Pickle fries

These fried pickles are fried to perfection and smother in our house seasoning. Served with Ranch dressing or Jerry's sauce. 

Not included with buffet.


~ Jalapeno Bombs

These Jalapeño beauties are made to order. Filled with bacon, potato, corn, & jalapeño. These are a delightful yet spicy explosion on the tongue with every bite.

Not included with buffet.


~ Wisconsin Cheese curds

These beautifully bread and fried cheese curds are popular from the good ole Wisconsin state! Now a favorite here at Jerrys. Come get yours today. 

$7.89 per 1/2 lb

~ Thin & Crispy Onion Rings 

We had so many people requesting that we carry onion rings. So after a few weeks of searching for the perfect wings to compliment our burgers, we chose these fancy thin and crispy onion rings. You have got to try these paired with some Jerrys sauce.

not on the fry buffet 



Choose the seasoning for your fries! Or combine any.

~ Salt

~ Salt n Vinegar

~ Pepper

~ Ranch

~ Creole

~ Buttery

~ House seasoning

~ Salt, Pepper and Garlic

~Cinnamon and Sugar

~ Cheese +.99 (not all you can eat)

~ Chili + $1.19 (not all you can eat)


Comes with a double helping of fries of your choice from above, Chili, Cheese, Sauteed bell Peppers, Sauteed onions, Bacon, Jalapenos, mustard and Jerry's sauce.


Jerry's Burger Company resturant burgers