What Is a 'Karen'? If Somebody's Called You One Chances Are You Spoke to Their Manager.


    Here at Jerry's Burger Company, we absolutely love our customers. We will bend over backwards for them. But, there is one type of customer we all can do without. A Karen! Or the dude version would be a Greg or Ken. For the sake of this, let's just call all of them "a Karen". Nobody likes a Karen. We would rather all the Karen's out there in the world to just stay away. But we know that due to their privileged demeanor, they will still come into our restaurant. So we've decided to start highlighting and show off their wonderful reviews on our store walls and online. When ever possible we may post a few videos.

What is a Karen?

     If you've noticed people calling each other Karen on the internet, you may have started wondering "Who is Karen, and what does everyone have against her?" The name has become a new, popular insult for a very specific type of person. The term can be used to describe someone "characterized as irritating and entitled. Karen's are often described as annoyingly entitled, suburban women who would not hesitate to ask to speak to a manager. But men can act like a Karen as well.  Now, when something is wrong, we expect you to approach us and ask us to fix it, and we will fix it with a smile. But Karen's do it with an attitude, in demanding and in rude ways and often while rolling their eyes. In our restaurant, we would greatly appreciate being treated like human beings. If someone wants to come into our store and act like a Karen, may they feel free to leave and never come back! Below are some highlighted Karen reviews. We may even turn some into T-shirts for our employees to wear.

P.S, if your name really is Karen, we totally are not talking about you! 

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