Let us introduce you to the M.O.A.B.
The Mother Of All Burgers!
This monster of a burger is our CHALLENGER burger! It weighs in at approximately 3lbs with fries. You can purchase the TAME version just for fun to eat with a friend or by yourself.
You can purchase the CHALLENGE version for your chance at glory! WARNING, the challenge version is HOT! Real HOT!

1. You have 20 minutes to eat every bite with a medium soda. (Your choice of soda or water and you can refill your soda if you wish)
2. You cannot throw up.
3. No assistance on taming the heat for 5 minutes after you have consumed the meal. (No ice cream, milk, bread etc. for 5 minutes after you have consumed the meal)

4. You must sign a waiver and be of at least 18 years of age.

If you beat the challenge, you win the meal for FREE, $100 CASH, A T-shirt or a hat and your picture on the wall of fame!

If you lose, You pay for the meal ($39.99), and your picture goes up on the wall of shame.

Do you have what it takes to tame the M.O.A.B?

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