We get a lot of questions about our cheese and about the messiness of our burgers. Since conception, we have always believed that a juicy burger is a good burger and also that a messy burger is a good burger. We also wanted to give everyone as premium of a burger as possible but get it out to you as fast as possible for you to enjoy. Thus we created our own ways of doing things. We wanted to be able to pour the cheese on the burger but we did not want to give you just plain ole cheese sauce. So we created our own recipe for a cheese sauce. We use a cheese sauce base and then melt pounds upon pounds of real blocks of grade A cheese into it. Creating a hybrid of cheese. We have three cheese sauce hybrids we use on our burgers. A cheddar, A white Cheddar and a Swiss white cheddar. These are what's on our burgers. We love it, 99% of our customers love it and because of all that love, we will continue to use our custom cheese recipes. This also, in turn makes our burgers messy, but we like messy. It is the sign of a good burger. We do however offer a NEAT version with sliced cheese if you would like to avoid the messiness, just ask for "NEAT". We look forward to serving you and for you to not only experience our variety of custom recipes but the whole experience, from the moment you walk in our doors to the moment you realize you are too full to eat another bite.

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