P.S. This isn't really a picture of Bobby and Jerry.

We are not fast or cheap, but we are good and you will leave full. 

      Jerry’s burger was born out of the desire to create the best damn burgers possible! Jerry had long sought out places to eat to where the burgers were actually good! After many years of being disappointed he slowly planned his own burger place that would not only cook and build burgers the way they should be, but to engage the customers in a way so their whole visit with his place was pleasant, welcoming and memorable. His focus has been so that everyone enjoys every aspect of their visit from the food to the atmosphere. After many years of waiting to open a restaurant, Jerry met Bobby. Soon after a few down home talks, Bobby and Jerry partnered up to see Jerry’s dream for a burger place come to reality. Soon in October of 2020 Jerry’s dream came true and Jerry’s Burger Company was born! We want our place to be as original and different as possible in every aspect. Where everyone else makes shakes, we focus solely on floats. While everyone else buys the cheap beef and buns, we purchase the best for our burgers! While everyone else claims to be the best, we just serve good food and say have a nice day! We are not really fast food, each and every burger, float and deserts are all cooked to order! So, a downfall to that, our food takes longer to prepare. However we do try to move as fast as possible, without sacrificing the quality. Our food is messy, good burgers usually are. And good food is rarely cheap, yet we try to be as affordable as we can be. We are not a dine in fancy restaurant and we are not a typical fast food joint ( We are not Burger King or McDonald's) . We are somewhere in the middle. Our type of food is not for everyone, some may not like a tasty juicy burger! But for those who love us, we are here for you!

The photo of Jerry and Bobby in overalls is not related! 🤣 We just thought it would be fun to  laugh at them for dressing up this way! Enjoy