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Hello everyone, 


PANAMA CITY — Jerry's Burger Co. brings the heat with the M.O.A.B. (Mother of all Burgers) Burger Challenge.

Eat a monster burger layered with 6-ounce beef patties, cheese sauce, pickles, onions and fries smothered in Jerry's Cajun steak sauce — a total of 3 pounds of food. But the real challenge lies in the three drops of Mad Dog 357 hot sauce with 357,000 Scoville Heat Units that gets dropped on the patties.

"Nobody's taken us up on it; I wish they would," Jerry Pipkins, who co-owns the burger joint with House of Henry owner Bobby Beard, said Nov. 12. "We've had 40 people say they are going to but haven't."

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But Nov. 14, Jerry's got its first contender. And within 12 minutes, the M.O.A.B. had defeated the challenger. By Monday, Jerry's Burger Co. had two epic fails on their wall of shame ( — both challengers couldn't handle the heat.... Read more....




Hello everyone, 


My name is Jerry, nice to meet you all over the past month. I had a dream for a very long time to open a burger place that in my mind would make burgers differently and not only juicy but messy! I have always believed messy food was good! It needed to run down my arms when I bite into it! I still believe this and so many people I speak to agree. Now, this type of food is not for everyone. We do everything in our power to make sure what people expect when they walk in is what they get. A juicy messy burger! We are not fast food and we are not a big dine in restaurant with one inch thick burgers! We are a somewhere in the middle messy smash burger place with our focus on taste. We just opened a month ago. In that month we have been swamped. We have gotten busier and busier each week making it near impossible for us to keep up with the traffic and stock. We have run out of food on different occasions. Yet, we fight to do our best, we work hard to serve you. Our crew has worked hard to maintain and keep up. We hear endlessly that people come to us because of the rave in town. All word of mouth! There is a reason for that rave, because the food is good. We want to make sure those coming for that rave get what they had heard about. But due to being so busy, more than we ever could of expected, we do and have dropped the ball a little bit. We do apologize in those instances. As we level out on business and things get a little more routine, we expect our consistency to strengthen and less balls will be dropped. We do apologize to those in recent weeks that have experienced a less than perfect experience. Now we do know also that we cannot satisfy everyone. That some come expecting a million dollar meal on a $1.00 budget! And there is no way we could ever make those folks happy! We are a greasy, messy, fatty burger joint that serves tasty smash burgers! If your wait is long, it most likely because either we are busy and backed up due to in store crowd, online orders or its because we cook every burger to order! Either way, we are not fast! Nor will we ever be! We are self serve on fries and picking up your food! More like fast food but with a smile and attentiveness of a place much larger! Everything is fried! Everything is made as fresh as possible and if something is not fresh or spot on, let us know, let us fix it. We love our community and look forward to serving everyone. We ask that if you have been here, please take the time to leave us a honest review. But a honest one! A one star review because you wanted four pickles instead of 3 is not honest! A one star because the burger was juicy is not honest! And if you had an issue with anything, please take a moment to inbox us so we can address the issue and make a good effort to fix your experience by contacting me. We want to be the best in town, we want to grow. I appreciate you all for coming to visit us. Thank you all for your love and support. 



News Herald Article about us...

PANAMA CITY — The red glow outlining the giant triangular charcoal briquette on the corner lot of Harrison and 13th Street is about as neat as it gets at Jerry's Burger Company.

Messiness — juicy beef patties, golden buttery buns, gooey cheese sauces, savory seasonings — is the main thing on the menu. The restaurant's co-owner, Jerry Pipkins, said it's all a part of delivering a burger experience like none other.

"I went into this thinking I want everything different than the other place," Pipkins said. "We've made our burgers messy, we're making them as big and loud as we possibly can."

A deluxe burger calls for two or more napkins to sop up the saps of cheese, meat juices and Jerry Sauce — a creamy Cajun steak sauce. The novel menu swaps classic shakes for floats and takes on cookies, but only as deep fried.

Diners trickled in Monday and formed a line at the all-you-can-eat fry bar at which they chose from various styles of fries to blanket with one of 10 seasonings. Already at the heated bar, city logistics worker J. Holley shook ranch seasoning on his crinkled fries while his co-worker waited on another order.

"We go to so many places for lunch," Holley said. "I seen it passing by; we're just trying it because it's new."

A few seconds later, he sampled his fries and confirmed that they were "good."

Pipkins said he believes the location — formerly Stuffy's Cafe — will drive traffic to the north side of downtown on Harrison. The restaurant joins other locally-owned eateries north of downtown like Tally-Ho Drive-In and Dan-D Donuts & Deli.

"Part of the business plan is to do another one, and another one and another," he said, adding, "all Jerry's" across the county.

His business partner, Bobby Beard, who owns House of Henry on Harrison Avenue, is confident the food will be tasty enough to keep diners returning for another bite — whether it's dine-in or to-go.

"Panama City downtown is fixing to change," Beard said of new developments and businesses pouring into the corridor. "We're prime here for downtown to grow into us."

Jerry's Burger Company at 1302 Harrison Ave. is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.