This is our secret menu. You will not find this menu in the store, nor on any posts, media nor can you order online. You can only find the menu here and you have to order in store.


~ FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER - This monster of a cheeseburger is served with 4  73/27 all beef patties, 6 slices of bacon, two types of cheese, pickles, grilled onions and Jerry's sauce. Served on our buttery toasted buns. It is a sight to behold!

$16.99 or with a meal for $21.28

~ JACK'S GIANT - This bad boy is a giant version of our classic, but with bacon! It is served with 3,  73/27 all beef patties, bacon, lettuce, 3 tomato slices, pickles, onions, ketchup, mayo, mustard and all severed on our buttery toasted buns.

$14.99 or with a meal for $19.28


This burger is geared towards the BBQ flavors of the upper east coast. Made with top of the line beef patty, French fried onion, grilled bell peppers, mustard and spicy BBQ sauce on toasted Texas toast.



Our all beef patty served with coleslaw, chili, mustard and Jerry's sauce and served on a toasted buttery bun.



Our signature beef patty served with sautéed peppers and onions. This spicy buffalo style burger is topped with a creamy yet spicy buffalo sauce and served on a perfectly toasted bun.



Our signature 73/27 all beef smash burger smothered in chili. Topped with cheddar, mustard, onions, sautéed sweet peppers and served on a toasted  bun.



All beef smash burger, swiss cheese, pepper jelly, special seasoning, jalapeno seared onto the beef, sliced pickled jalapeno.



~ UNICORN FLOAT - This float has an array of flavors. Filled with three kinds of sherbet, grape soda, whipped cream and covered in sprinkles.

$4.99 sm    $6.99 med    $7.99 lg

~ KEY LIME VACATION - This float has delicious scoops of vanilla ice cream, key lime juice, Sprite, whipped cream and covered in lime syrup.

$4.99 sm    $6.99 med    $7.99 lg