What to expect when visiting us for a burger!



       We want everyone to be happy with us from the atmosphere down to what is on your burger. So we put together this description as to what you should expect when visiting us.

We are not fast food & we are not a big fancy eatery! We are somewhere in between. We get really busy between 11am and 2 pm as well as between 5 pm and 7pm. You can expect a long wait time between those hours. Sometimes as long as 45 minutes. Most of the time our burgers get out to you in 15 minutes or less. Our burgers are smash burgers and weigh in at 6.5 ounces at the time we prepare them. They are 73/27 beef and are seasoned at the moment of cooking with a secret liquid seasoning and sprinkled with our house seasoning. Some burgers get even more seasoning such as the Cajun Boy or the beer Burger. Everything is cooked right at 350 degrees and the burgers cook 2.5 minutes on one side and 2.5 minute on the flip "on average". The juice is never squished out. Burgers are cooked to done. Not medium well, or well done. The fry bar is kept full as needed, depending on how busy we are. If it looks like it is lite on the amount of fries, it's because someone just got some fries or we were slow before you came in. If you want more fries  or hotter fries and they are not out, please just ask for us to drop some more fries in the fryer. Our cheese is a in house mix of various cheeses, read more about it on our cheese section of our website (read more on our cheese...). Some times we are so busy, we may drop the ball a bit. We apologize, we never counted on being this busy and crewing up for this has been difficult to plan. We move upward of 1,000 pounds of beef per week. It is hard to keep up with being this busy. Sometimes we run out of tomatoes, bacon or other ingredients. We never intend on that to happen either. But if it does happen, we apologize and are making efforts to not let it happen very often. 98% of everyone who walk through our doors is served with a smile, promptly and with the best food we can serve. If at any time something is not right, just let us know, we will do our best to fix it. We hope to see you soon and look forward to serving you.